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Laura O’Connor B.Ost is Head Osteopath and Owner of Oak Osteo. She is here to support you through your journey from pain to healing.

What osteopathy treats

Is osteopathy right for you?

Osteopathy is a gentle way to diagnose, treat and help prevent pain caused by muscle and joint concerns.

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Meet Your osteopath, Laura O'Connor B.Ost

Practising in the Peak District since 2019 as a manual therapist, Laura graduated as an osteopath from The College of Osteopaths in 2021. Over this time she has treated patients of all ages using a variety of techniques with a focus on helping people grow into their health.

Alongside hands-on treatments including Cranial Osteopathic techniques, Laura has experience with rehabilitation exercises and ergonomics, allowing her to offer a rounded approach.

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Questions? Call us for free

Many people call us to see if osteopathy can help them before booking their first appointment. If that sounds like you, give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.