Oak Osteo – the who, what and why

Hello and welcome to the first blog from Oak Osteo. Before launching into what osteopathy is and how it could help you, I first want to introduce you to myself and the clinic and the core of what I do and why I do it.  So in at the deep end…

My name is Laura and I moved to the Ashbourne area 6 years ago from Leicestershire, whilst I studied for my Osteopathy degree in Stoke. I have always loved Ashbourne, having come up here with my family when I was younger and being a country girl, I couldn’t resist the draw of the area’s rural beauty.  Whilst training it was always my dream to establish a clinic which would help the local community which I have come to consider home.  This year, this dream has become a reality and finding the ideal premises at the back of the Airfield has made the process a reality.

So where did the name Oak come from? For one point my surname begins with an O but I wanted to branch out (pun intended) from using Laura O’Connor Osteopathy and for a second point I wanted to connect with the idea of nature and growth whilst conveying strength and confidence. And so Oak Osteo was born.

Why do I do what I do? As part of figuring out what I wanted Oak Osteo to represent I went to the very heart of why I wanted to be an osteopath and what I want to bring to my patients.  This allowed me to understand that the reason I do what I do, is to help people so they can have confidence and take control of their health and healing. Having suffered myself with back pain and sciatica, learning about the process and taking an active role in my recovery made all the difference to how I handled the situation and propelled me into training as an osteopath.  It is my aim to give my patients some control back in managing their condition.

What can I offer you? Whether you have an injury, an on-going condition or just a niggle that you’ve been wondering about I can offer help, treatment and guidance to get you back on track.  As part of my initial consultation, we will have a good chat about what is going on with you, both your condition and your health, I will do a full assessment on the area often looking at other points which may be contributing and then we will chat about what is happening and how to treat this in both the short and long term.  The treatment will include a mix of hands-on techniques including massage, articulation of the joints, different types of stretching and muscle activation as well as manipulations where needed. At the end we will discuss lifestyle advice such as hot/cold therapies, exercises, desk set ups, posture etc.  But I don’t stop there, I am always available at the end of the phone or an email to discuss any questions you may have afterwards and if you need referring for tests or scans, I can support this with a letter or even private referral. 

So there you have the outline of who I am and what this clinic represents, if you have any questions about this please get in touch. I intend in the future to put forward regular short snippets on osteopathy and how it can help various conditions, so if you have any suggestions for further blogs please let me know. I look forward to getting to know you in the future. Bye for now.

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